The barrier against rising damp – horizontal masonry separation within the meaning of DIN 18533

DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE is a durable and highly flexible damp-proof course made of polyolefin. It will also serve as a moisture barrier under a wash floor. DELTA®- MAUERWERKSSPERRE is 0.4mm thick and easy to roll up and apply. DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE has a non-slip profile on both sides for optimum bonding with mortar. The sheet is bitumen-compatible, rot-proof, and UV-stabilized. It is highly flexible even at low temperatures, so that the sheet remains permanently free from cracks. DELTA®-MAUERWERKSSPERRE is installed in a single layer. Contact surfaces with mortar belonging to category II or III (DIN 1053-1) should be covered thickly enough to make a horizontal surface without irregularities. The sheet should be pressed firmly into the mortar. At joints, sheets should overlap by at least 20cm to ensure optimum protection from moisture. The sheet should be wide enough to rule out any chance of moisture bridges forming on either side of the rising wall.


Technical data: DELTA®-MULTI BAND

SurfaceProfiled anti-slip on the top and bottom
Thicknessapprox. 0.4 mm

Tear resistance (nail shaft) (EN 12310-1)

lengthways: approx. 130 N
across:         approx. 160 N

Resistance to folding at low temperatures (EN 495-5)

 -40 ° C
no break, no cracks
Weathertightness (EN 1928, method B)  passed (400 kPa / 72 h)
Fire behavior (EN 13501-1)
Fire class E
bitumen resistant
Widths 11.5 / 12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20/24/25/30 / 36.5 / 42/50/60/100 cm
Roll length25 m
Application type (DIN SPEC 20000-202)MSB-Q
Water exposure class (DIN 18533)W4-E
 Room usage class (DIN 18533) RN1-E to RN3-E
 Crack class (DIN 18533) R1-E to R4-E


DoP DELTA® –Mauerwerkssperre .pdf