Double-sided adhesive, reinforced, hand-tearable universal adhesive tape with high adhesive power. Universal use.

For bonding foil overlaps and connections, in particular all DELTA® foils, which are suitable for double-sided bonding.
DELTA®-DUO TAPE D 38 also serves for connection to all comparable substrates and those made of plastic (hard), metal, smooth wood and wood-based materials.

For temporary fixation of airtightness membranes  on a metal frame of galvanized profile until the installation of interior trim. The tape allows you to instal the membrane on the profile without its perforation with screws / self-tapping screws.


Window seal

Technical data: DELTA®-DUO TAPE D 38

MaterialSolvent-free and plasticizer-free pure acrylic adhesive with a grid-reinforced. UV-stabilized PE cover film with release paper.
Service Temperature range (storage)From +5 °C 

Roll width  

60mm / 100mm * / 150mm *
* with divided release paper

Roll length 

Functionality  -40 °C   +80 °C
Shelf life
2 years in the original box, direct sources of heat should be avoided
Packing 60mm x 10 roll box 
100mm x  6 roll box 
150mm x  4 roll box

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