The DELTA®-FAS CORNER shaped piece is the ideal solution for sealing window and door openings in timber frame houses.
An ideal material for a reliable solution of  airtight and watertight  insulation of window and door openings of timber frame constructions. Vapor control and windproof membranes are attached to the DELTA®-FAS CORNER corner using DELTA®-INSIDE-BAND or DELTA®-MULTI BAND single-sided connecting tapes, respectively. The material guarantees complete vapor and air tightness of the joints in the most difficult and risky places – the corners of the openings. DELTA®-FAS CORNER is designed for external and internal use, has high UV stability and plasticity even at low temperatures.

Exterior application:: for waterproofing

From inside: for airtightness

Technical data: DELTA®-MULTI BAND

MaterialBlack thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).


100 x 150 x 190 mm
Packing 40 pieces per box 


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