Soft sheathing and sarking sheet for extreme weather conditions and roofs with hard sheathing

Among other things, DELTA®-FOXX PLUS sheets feature a lotus effect. Water drips off particularly easily, and rainwater may be drained away extremely quickly. This permits installing the sheet even when the weather refuses to oblige.

The unique BiCo technology permits increasing the fibre density of the spunbond layer, which means greater strength and markedly better UV protection.

An Sd value of 0.02m ensures that DELTA®-FOXX PLUS/DELTA®-FOXX safely convey moisture away from fully insulated roofs with hard sheathing. Its special dispersion coating makes the soft sheathing membrane permanently waterproof, so that the heat insulation remains constantly and reliably dry.

The anti-dazzle coating of DELTA®-FOXX PLUS/DELTA®-FOXX prevents irritating glints even in extreme solar irradiation. Because its fibre structure is compressed, the soft sheathing may be easily pulled across rough-sawn surfaces. The high weight and the solid surface coating make DELTA®-FOXX PLUS/DELTA®-FOXX particularly easy to handle.


DELTA®-FOXX PLUS/DELTA®-FOXX comply with the requirements of the Euro fire classification B-s1, d0. This class is the highest among all flame-retardant sheets. Flames are kept from spreading, and residential buildings and their occupants are protected.

Now: even greater adhesive strength

DELTA®-FOXX PLUS features integrated adhesive zones along both edges for quicker and safer wind-proof installation. In the upper adhesive zone, DELTA®-FOXX PLUS has an innovative strip system, in which every individual strip is a barrier against water pressing inwards.

The new, improved and patented strip technology enhances the adhesive effect: improved adhesion in cold temperatures, high initial adhesion for faster sealing. Also available without adhesive zones under the name of DELTA®-FOXX.

Rain-proof back-up roof
The breathable solution for low-pitched roofs

  • In conjunctionwith DELTA® system components (DELTA®-PREN, DELTA®-SCHAUM BAND SB 60, DELTA®-FLEXX-BAND and DELTA®-THAN), DELTA®-FOXX/DELTA®-FOXX PLUS guarantee a rainproof back-up roof.
  • DELTA®-FOXX/DELTA®-FOXX PLUS have been rated rain-proof by renowned certification institutes when combined with DELTA® system components.
  • Successfully tested for safety from driving rain by the Berlin TU.
  • May be installed in roofs with a pitch more than 8° below standard up to another more stringent requirement.
  • Reliably waterproof, even in enhanced rain tests with 2,700mm/m² in 3 hours.
  • Lasting safety of seams, butt joints, and overlaps.
  • The breathable solution with DELTA®-FOXX has proven itself in the field for more than 20 years but deviates from the diffusion-inhibiting solution described in the ZVDH Code. This deviation must be mentioned in quotations.
DELTA FOXX_lotus effect_053

Overview of the most important advantages

Unique membrane technology
With Lotus effect
Highest UV protection
Moisture permeable
Suitable for extreme conditions
Ideal for extreme weather conditions
High themperature 150 C
Higher temperature resistance
Secure against driving rain
Secure against driving rain
Long-term protection against aging
Long-term protection against aging
DELTA Flame retardant underlay
Flame retardant
DELTA®- Bico technology
Made in Germany


Their weight of 270g per square metre optimises the ease and safety of installing DELTA®-FOXX/DELTA®-FOXX PLUS. Sheets do not get pulled out of shape, they do not buckle or flutter. Walking on the high-tenacity spunbond on hard sheathing is no problem. The underside of the sheet does not get tangled with the fibres of the hard sheathing; the sheet is easy to align and roll out, which improves the installation performance and lowers costs.

DELTA®-FOXX/DELTA®-FOXX PLUS should be laid out, run up and/or folded over from the verge to the outer end of the wooden sheathing. The sheet is stretched taut across any ridge, valley, or arris. delta nail sealing material must be glued on to the sheets in the vicinity of rafters before attaching the counterbattens. In the vicinity of the gutter, DELTA®-FOXX/DELTA®-FOXX PLUS should be run under the fascia board to the drip sheet and fastened with DELTA®-PREN


MaterialSpecial, highly tear-resistant PES non-woven fabric with a vapour permeable but watertight dispersion coating.
ZVDHClass UDB-A / USB-A   (highest class)
Fire resistanceB-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1
Tear strengthapprox. 370/270 N/5 cm,
EN 12311-1
Water tightnessClass W 1, EN 13859-1+2
Sd valueapprox. 0,02 m
Service Temperature range-40 °C   EN 13859-1, Par. 5.2.9
+80 °C  EN 13859-1, Par. 5.2.10
Short-term maximum temperature load of the material+150 °C
Resistance against driving rain
Pass in the driving-rain test for waterproofing and soft sheathing, TU Berlin
Increased requirement for agingPassed, ZVDH product data sheet table 1
Weightapprox. 270 g/m²
Roll weightapprox. 20 kg
Roll size50 m x 1,50 m

Accessories for DELTA®-FOXX PLUS / DELTA®-FOXX




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