The new highly UV-stabilised underlay and formwork sheet.

The DELTA®-PENTAXX family can easily withstand UV radiation for up to four months.

  • Up to four months UV resistance for more flexibility on site.
  • 20-year functional warranty (in accordance with DELTA ® warranty conditions).
  • The robust materiality thanks to the 5-layer construction simplifies handling and ensures uncomplicated, smooth processing.
  • The vapour-permeable and water-repellent multilayer functional films reliably dissipate moisture from the inside and ensure protection against external weather influences. This ensures a durable and safe roof construction for processors and builders.
  • Versatile use as formwork, underlay and sarking membrane thanks to the breathable, heavy-duty structure. Processors benefit from a uniform system from a single source.


Harmful environmental and weather influences affect people and building products in equal measure. Steep roof membranes are exposed to UV radiation during the construction phase. If the exposure becomes too high, they can become brittle and lose their function as a second water-bearing layer.

The robust construction of the system enables easy handling, smooth processing and not only protects against driving rain, but also ensures that cold outside air cannot penetrate the construction and reduce the efficiency of the insulation. That is quality “Made in Germany”. Even moisture cannot harm the insulation, because DELTA ® -PENTAXX breathes. We give you this quality in writing: With our 20-year functional guarantee*.

Intelligent DELTA® technologiesfor a UV-stable, durable and energetic roof

All DELTA ® -PENTAXX formwork and underlays are based on intelligent technologies. They are the result of years of experience, continuous development and the highest quality standards. It is our aim to offer the best possible solution for the respective requirement. In the field of roof construction in particular, the requirements today are extremely complex. Intelligent answers are required.



The intelligent DELTA® membrane technology protects the roof like a skin.
This membrane technology ensures that the entire roof construction remains permanently dry. It protects the roof like a second skin.

BiCo tech

DELTA®-BiCo Technology

The cloth layers for our DELTA® sarking sheets are made with the latest BiCo core-mantle technology. Cloth backings ensure the mechanical stability – or tear strength – of roofing sheets. Depending on the manufacturing technology employed and the square weight of the cloth, sarking sheets may be made ‘fall-though safe’, for example. 


DELTA AD TEC technology

Ad Tec Bonding Technology

As components of the DELTA ® -PENTAXX formwork and underlay sheets, integrated adhesive areas have a significant influence on the protective function of the membrane for the entire roof. With DELTA ® -Ad Tec, they are specially optimised for the high demands of construction. Through high and constant thermal stability and clearly doing without the addition of natural resins, we achieve our goal of long-term secure bonding.

Overview of the most important advantages

Unique membrane technology
Moisture permeable
Highest UV protection
UV protection
Long-term protection against aging
Long-term protection against aging
Fall proof
DELTA®- Bico technology
Secure against driving rain
Secure against driving rain
Made in Germany


Technical data: DELTA®-PENTAXX

Material5-layer, pitched roof membrane made of a tear-resistant, vapour permeable PP spun non-woven fabric. DELTA®-PENTAXX PLUS with integrated adhesive zones at both edges
ZVDHClass UDB-A / USB-A   (highest class)
Fire resistanceClass E, EN 13501-1
Tear strengthapprox. 360/250 N/5 cm,
EN 12311-1 + 2
Water tightnessClass W 1, EN 13859-1 + 2
Sd valueapprox. 0,15 m, EN ISO 12572
Service Temperature range-40 °C to +80 °C
Short-term maximum temperature load of the material+100 °C
Resistance against driving rain
Pass in the driving-rain test for waterproofing and soft sheathing, TU Berlin
Increased requirement for agingPassed, ZVDH product data sheet table 1
Weightapprox. 200 g/m²
Roll weightapprox. 15 kg
Roll size50 m x 1,50 m

Accessories for DELTA®-PENTAXX PLUS

DELTA Than ico
DELTA Nail Seal taoe ico
DELTA Multi Band ico
DELTA Flexx Band ico


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