Highly UV-resistant tape for DELTA ® facade systems systems…

DELTA®- TAPE FAS serves to seal and DELTA ® FASSADE membrane as well as to join them to any similar surfaces and surfaces made of plastic (rigid), metal, smooth wood, and wood-based materials.

DELTA®-TAPE FAS 60/100 is an adhesive tape with maximum adhesive strength. The adhesive tape is highly resistant to aging and is specially designed for use on the DELTA® facade membranes. For gluing overlaps, penetrations and difficult details.

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DELTA®-TAPE FAS used for sealing overlaps facade membranes and sealing joints, penetrations, and other details on facades.

The tape is used to seal window and door openings from the outside. The tape has high UV stability and high diffusion permeability. The tape allows you to remove excess water vapor from the area where the window is adjacent to the wall, thereby protecting the structure from moisture condensation.


Pure-acrylate adhesive. free of solvents and plasticizers,  base made of Highly UV-resistant  DELTA®-FASSADE membrane   / acrylic film and associated on the underside with with release paper.

 UV resistance

 5,000 hours UV test passed [QUV test according to EN 13859-2]

 Reaction to fire

 Euro class B-s1, d0, EN 13501-1 

Service Temperature range (storage)

From +5 °C 

Roll width  

(30/30) 60mm * / 60mm /  100mm * / 230mm * 

* with divided release paper

Roll length 



-40 °C   +80 °C

Shelf life

2 years in the original box, direct sources of heat should be avoided


 60mm x 10 roll box, (30/30) 60 x 10 roll box
100mm x  6 roll box 
230mm x  2 roll box

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