DELTA ROOF UNDERLAYS – made using latest DELTA BiCO technology

To be of good quality, a pitched roof needs to fulfil many more functions today compared to a few years ago. Not only should it offer lasting protection from weather and environmental influences, it should also meet the most exacting requirements as regards aesthetics. The objective is, therefore, to perfectly harmonise the visual and functional aspects of a pitched roof. Besides, energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important issue for builders and owners, an issue that must be addressed when building or refurbishing a roof.

Energy-saving sarking and waterproofing sheet. Keeps cold outside air in check, thus reducing the heating-energy consumption by up to 9%

Extremely tear-resistant step-through safe sarking and waterproofing roofing underlay. Resistance against hail impact up to 130 km/h

DELTA MAXX - safe roof

Fire-retardant sarking and waterproofing sheet. Absolutely waterproof and highly tear-resistant – high guaranteed safety when using ladders on battens.

DELTA FOXX top roof

Soft sheathing and sarking sheet for extreme weather conditions and sheathed roofs. With lotus effect (water drips off particularly easily)

DELTA®-PENTAXX family Safe protection for roof and insulation. Highly UV-stabilised breathable formwork and underlay. With adhesive areas at both edges.

DELTA TRELA roof top

Structured separation layer for vented and unvented pitched roofs with metal covering. Perfect protection from corrosion and moisture

Soft sheathing and sarking sheet for fully insulated pitched roofs.With integrated adhesive strips along both edges.Available without adhesive strips as DELTA®-VENT S

Sarking sheet for unsheathed pitched roofs. With integrated adhesive strips along both edges. May be used as a waterproofing sheet in the DELTA®-VENT N version without adhesive strips

Universal soft sheathing and sarking sheet consisting of a tear-resistant 4-ply composite for fully insulated pitched roofs with or without hard sheathing

The clever combination for protecting pitched roofs. 3-ply soft sheathing and sarking sheet. Innovative adhesive zones along both edges.