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Do you want your home to be not only warm and cosy for living, but also environmentally friendly? In this case, you should opt for Steico flex insulation boards.

Steico flex is a wood-fiber porous insulation board. They are made from natural softwood. This is a real discovery in the production of heat and sound insulating materials. This is a material approaching perfection. It surely protects the house from cold in winter, heat in summer and street noise. It is practical, versatile, durable, easy to use and economical.

STEICOflex makes a significant contribution to your comfort at home due to its excellent insulation performance in winter.

STEICOflex provides optimum heat protection for your whole structure including walls, ceilings and roofs. In addition, thanks to its low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity, STEICOflex also protects your house against overheating in summer.

The high material density of approximately 50 kg / m³ and the high specific heat capacity of 2100 J/kgK (more than twice as high as mineral wool) provide heat insulation on the hottest days.

STEICO protect in winter
Protect in winter
STEICO protect in summer
Protect in summer
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Sound protection
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