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STEICO therm dry


STEICO therm dry insulation rigid boards are made of wood and therefore have all the advantages for the ecological building.

Environmentally-friendly insulation made from natural wood fibres, wood for STEICO therm dry comes from sustainable forestry and is independently certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)

STEICO therm dry  rigid insulation

Multifunctional rigid woodfibre insulation board
• Available in tongue & groove profiles, stepped profiles and
square edged
• Manufactured in dry process
• Exceptionally light and robust
• Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer
• Water vapour open
• Helps to regulate the indoor climate

A healthy indoor climate begins with rigid interior insulation.

 With their breathable structure, STEICOtherm dry insulation boards are perfectly matched to the physical properties of brick or masonry. The walls can  “breathe”, at the same time the heating expenses is minimized. A positive side effect: Well-insulated walls increase indore temperature. You can feel it. The rooms are no longer chilly in winter, and cooler in summer.


Better protection against the cold in winter

Greater insulation efficiency with STEICO therm dry, thermal conductivity only λ D 0.037 [W / (m * K)], STEICO therm dry meets the values for  healthier living and ecological buildings. This enables particularly efficient insulation solutions to be implemented. With STEICO therm dry you achieve optimal structural heat protection and a create comfort.

Protect substance, preserve values

With the practical and universal STEICO therm dry  insulation boards, you can make the walls or roof of your house fit for the future. In addition to the considerable heating cost savings, the system is characterized by a particularly long service life. This is how STEICO  insulation contributes to maintaining the value of your property.

STEICO protect in summer

Excellent heat protection

Thanks to their particularly high heat capacity, STEICO therm dry insulation boards delay and minimize heat transfer in summer. The result: cooler rooms even in the summer heat

STEICO protect in winter

Excellent insulation properties in winter

The so-called lambda value (λ) is important for protection against the cold. The lower the value, the better the insulation performance. With a nominal value of λD 0.037, STEICO therm dry has the lowest thermal conductivity that can currently be achieved with facade insulation made from renewable raw materials. 

A lower lambda value allows thinner insulation layers and enables greater energy savings.

STEICO fire protection

Proven fire protection

In the event of a fire, STEICO therm dry insulation boards produce little smoke. The insulation boards do not melt and do not drip burning from the facade.

STEICO sound protection

Very good sound insulation

Where insulation systems made of rigid foam can even degrade sound insulation, STEICO therm insulation boards make a valuable contribution to a quiet living atmosphere – thanks to their special fiber structure.

STEICOtherm dry applications

Floors – subscreed 

 Stone wall – insulation from inside

Brick wall – insulation from inside

Timber frame exterior  –  insulation 

Timber frame interior  –  insulation 

 Pitch or flat solid roof – insulation

 Pitch or flat ventilated roof – insulation

 Under pitched roof farters- insulation

Production of STEICO wood fibre insulation boards –
dry manufacturing process

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