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STEICO underfloor flex


Healthy house requires – healthy floors, healthy floors needs sustainable underlay.

STEICO underfloor flex protect the floors. 

  • Participates in the circulation of air in the room.
  • Does not spread fire. In case of fire, the resulting ash blocks the access of oxygen. When ignited, does not emit toxic gases.
  • It has the ability to absorb moisture up to 20% of its weight without loss of heat-insulating properties.
  • Protects the lower floors from small leaks. Completely restores all properties after drying.
  • It does not slip and can withstand weight up to 20 tons per 1 square meter
  • Protects floor locks from creaking and breaking, and also eliminates the unpleasant “spring” effect when walking.
  • The roll format is very simple to install, does not crumble, does not break, does not shrink during prolonged use

 – The properties of natural coniferous underlay

Innovative natural underfloor roll from STEICO. The material is made from coniferous wood. And they are known for their healing properties. Even our ancestors called the pine a symbol of longevity, eternity and immortality. Its aroma and constantly releasing phytoncides have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Using environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials, we take care of our health and family healthiness.

The coniferous substrate is open for air circulation in the room. This property allows the residual moisture to dry at the base of the floor and prevents the development of mold or mildew.

Wood fiber is hollow inside, like wool or human hair. It is able to absorb and give off moisture without losing its thermophysical characteristics, leaving the space between the fibers dry.

This is the most valuable and unique ability to absorb and give off moisture, maintains the indoor microclimate, giving off moisture in the dry winter period and binding excessive moisture in the moist sezon


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